Holidays with friends, 5 destinations where to live the most beautiful experience to do several times in life

The holidays with friends are one of the most beautiful experiences to do over and over again in life, changing destinations. So here are 5 unusual ideas, for demanding friends and with clear ideas. Quiet not all are expensive, because what matters is undoubtedly the journey and the country you visit, but above all that you and your friends have fun madly to bring with you an indelible memory of a trip together .

1. Route 66

If you feel a bit ‘ Born To Be Wild the idea is the legendary Route 66, the legendary road that starts from Chicago and arrives in Santa Monica and that crosses the United States. Of course, before leaving for the adventure, plan the itinerary in great detail because there are so many things to see. There are 3,755 kilometers to travel by car, motorbike or camper! To sleep, the small hotels that meet on the street are perfect.

2. India, Dehli and Rajasthan

If you and your friends are a little zen, mystical or if you are passionate about yoga (born in India) or if you want a holiday a bit ‘alternative, India is the ideal destination in which to recover a little’ spirituality , what the frenetic rhythms of daily life make us forget. To breathe a little mentally and try to get in touch with cosmic energies. Unforgettable places and landscapes from the legendary Taj Mahal , an absolute must for every first trip to India, to the pink buildings of magical Jaipur.

3. Croatia, Krk

Do you want to spice up in the sun like lizards? Do you play water or water on the waterfront? The Island of Krk in Croatia is the one for you. Here you can taste the smell of maritime pines and relax in unspoilt and protected nature. And then between clubs, restaurants and pubs, life by night is assured. The perfect location, are apartments and villas to rent in the Njivice area, in the forest but 50 meters from the sea!

4. Madonna di Campiglio, Livigno, Cervini

If the sea is not even, and you are passionate about the mountains, Madonna di Campiglio, Livigno and Cervinia are for you. The offer is always wider and more diversified for everyone, with many opportunities to do outdoor activities, from walking to trekking, to rafting along the streams, to the exploration of the territory with dedicated excursions, on foot or on horseback, with stops in huts, huts and shelters to taste the local gastronomic specialties and visits to the cellars.

5. Moscow

If you do not love the sea or the mountains, Moscow is for you. You can immerse yourself in the art of the richly decorated metro stations and in the most famous places in the world for ballet, theatrical performances, music and opera, such as Bolshoi and others. Also worth a visit is the Moscow Art Theater, where the modern acting method was founded, or the Moscow International Performing Arts Center and the Moscow “Tchaikovsky” Conservatory or the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall.