Cosmo Social Travel Guide: the coolest things to do in the most instagramed cities

Even if you’ve already been there is the perfect time to come back, this time with a travel blogger spirit: London, Paris and Barcelona are the three most photographed cities in the world according to a research conducted by Hertz Europe to celebrate its first hundred years.

London is at the top with over 90 million photos posted on Instagram, followed by Paris with 77 million and Barcelona with 35. The only Italian in the standings, in ninth place, is Rome with 16 million shots. In the top ten there are also Moscow, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam, Ankara and Prague . Take note for your next weekends and warm your thumbs: here we give you the pro tips to take a photo tour of the three capitals in the lead.


In hand baggage do not forget: the lens-clean wipes (also very useful to give a pass to the screen), with which you will avoid taking pictures full of soft focus haloes, those are perfect to clean the glasses. In addition to the charger also carries an external battery or a power bank. Take with you an external fisheye lens , macro and you can zoom it out to make real guru shots. Finally do not forget your props : to customize your photos and make them recognizable in the chaos of Instagram timelines, always add a detail that speaks about you.


Before leaving, take advantage of the wi-fi at home to make a massive download of all the apps that can serve you during your photoweekend. Must-have the basic apps to use Instagram from a real pro . And then choose the ones that inspire you the most among the travel apps we’ve tried for you: the right apps to keep a travel diary , the smartest apps so you do not spoil your holiday from the little surprises, to the weather apps to choose where to lure you to shoot depending on whether there is sun or storm (with the overcast make photos of really spatial landscapes!).

Ok, you’re ready to check-in. Mark the most popular hashtags to enter the right feeds, flag Google Maps on places to shop away from the clichés and studied the guides to the neighborhoods of each capital, written by our Cosmoeditor.



The Brexit effect has made it much less accessible if you want to live there, but the good news is that getting there and getting away is definitely cheaper than a few years ago. Big Ben, London Eye and Tower Bridge are absolutely the favorite destinations of instagramers. Among the tops that have great potential for interesting shots are the Tate Modern , the walk along the Thames and Kensington Gardens